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Indigo Essentials

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  • Provides baseline nutrition for a variety of protocols
  • Full spectrum antioxidant protection
  • Builds metabolic reserves and protects against dietary deficiencies
  • Protects against stress-induced nutrient depletion
  • Supports healthy metabolism
INDIGO ESSENTIALS is a comprehensive, hypo-allergenic, multivitamin and mineral blend. As a complete multivitamin, INDIGO ESSENTIALS provides high-quality nutrients to build a healthy micronutrient reserve. B vitamins support energy production and folate, the biologically active form of folic acid, improves methylation. Chelated mineral complexes enhance bioavailability. INDIGO ESSENTIALS includes an optimal 2:1 magnesium to calcium ratio. Key antioxidant vitamin C, natural vitamin E mixed tocopherols and carotenoids protect cells from free radical damage. INDIGO ESSENTIALS also contains the synergistic blend of vitamin K2 (as MK-7) and D3, which are critical for supporting bone strength and cardiovascular health.