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Indigo Detox Powder

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Clinical Applications

  • Enhances liver detoxification
  • Provides macronutrients, phytonutrients and cofactors that support detoxification of xenobiotics and xenoestrogens
  • Supports healthy estrogen metabolism
  • Increases antioxidant protection and glutathione production
  • Promotes gastrointestinal health

The human body is exposed to a wide variety of toxins on a daily basis, including chemicals found in foods, environmental toxins and pharmaceuticals. The liver is the body’s main detoxification organ which provides enzyme systems that safely process and remove xenobiotics (foreign chemical substances) out of the body, as well as unhealthy hormone metabolites. These detoxification systems are very complex and require a variety of nutrients for optimal function. INDIGO DETOX powder supports Phase II liver detoxification by providing protein, fiber and nutrients to help eliminate toxins from the body.